Aug 112011
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I love golf and love the surroundings that golf is played in. You are surrounded by tall trees, well manicured greens, ponds, streams, exotic birds and flowers. These are all the things that you would expect women to enjoy. Don’t they? Yet not many women play golf? Why is that?

Physical size and strength is neutralized in golf by the position of the starting tees. The rest is all a measure of skill and women that do play are just as good or as bad as men. I am talking about amateur / recreational / weekend golfers.

I am very active on Twitter @interlopergolf and a lot of ladies say they don’t play golf but they enjoy watching it. This prompted me to ask this question of all, men and women, why do you think not many ladies play golf?

Please post your comments below about why women don’t play golf and what can be done to bring more women into the beautiful world of golf. Maybe we can get some insights.


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