Aug 292011
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Recent wins by Adam Scott and Web Simpson on the PGA tour and continuous wins and high finishes by Bernhard Langer on the Senior tour are making more and more people notice long putters. Long Putters have been around for a while but when a unique club type gets some victories under its belt, regular weekend golfers also take notice. More and more people are now buying long putters also called broomstick putters or neck putters.

What are the advantages of long putters?

  • Less moving body parts – one arm instead of two.
  • Long putters restrict wrist hinge by anchoring the putter to a fixed point — your sternum. . Increased wrist action leads to a loss of control of the putterhead just before impact. Result – a true pendulum stroke.
  • Eliminates twitching at impact.
  • The pendulum like stroke of long putters is smoother and more consistent than the stroke required for a regular length putter.
  • Deadly accurate on short putts.
  • Long putters are also easier on the back than a regular length putter as golfers take a more upright stance.

Disadvantages of long putters?

  • Distance control on lag putting. Takes a while getting used to.
  • Strong winds cause stability issues. The golfer is standing more upright, the putter is long – the wind has a greater surface area to buffet against.
  • People take notice so if you are the shy type and don’t want to talk to anyone, you may have a problem. Conversely, it’s a good conversation starter.

How to use a long putter?

  • Hold the top of the grip with the thumb and forefinger very lightly using your left hand.
  • The base of your thumb anchors to the middle / sternum of your body.
  • With your other hand, hold the putter at the lower part of the grip with a pencil type grip for maximum sensitivity. You can also hold the shaft between the curled index finger and middle fingers of the right hand. Both work provided the top of the shaft ends at about the height of the logo in line with your sternum on your shirt when you’re in a slightly upright putting stance and the putter’s sole is resting on the ground. You can also experiment with variations thereof and see what suits you best.
  • Keep your eyes a little inside the ball.
  • Move arms gently back and through- – no body movement – no rocking of the body although some suggest to rock your shoulders back and forth. But that brings more moving parts into the stroke which is what we are trying to avoid in the first place.
  • It is important that you keep the upper body still so it can act as the fulcrum around which the pendulum like swing moves.

Also called neck putter or broomstick putter
With two piece grip and 50″ shaft

acer santa cruz long putter, Advantages of using a long putter / broomstick / neck putter - ala - Adam Scott, Web Simpson, Bernard Langer, Advantages of using a long putter / broomstick / neck putter - ala - Adam Scott, Web Simpson, Bernard Langer
Advantages and disadvantages of using a long putter, broomstick putter, neck putter, Adam Scott, Web Simpson,
Club Type Grip Length Club Length Blade Length Sole Width Loft Lie Weight Hand
Long Putter / Broomstick Two piece black putter grip 50″ 4.5″ 1.7″ 79º 450 gm RH/LH

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