Apr 172017
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What if we fit the Acer Leggera with an ultralight shaft and grip?

Cleveland Golf started fitting drivers with ultra light shafts and grips. The premise being that the lighter the total weight of the club, the faster your swing speed. Many pro’s and weekend golfers have made that switch but Cleveland Drivers are expensive at over $300. We decided to test the
Acer Leggera with a 49 gram shaft and the Winn Lite 25 gram grip from Winn grips. Here are the results:

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Acer XF Leggera, comparison of drivers,

Acer XF Leggera
Ultra Light

Acer XF Leggera, comparison of drivers,

Acer XF Leggera

Acer XF, comparison of drivers,

Acer XF

Head Volume 460cc 460cc 460cc
Head weight 190gm 190gm 200gm
Length 46? 46? 45?
Shaft used in testing Acer Super Leggera True Ace Blue Crush True Ace Blue Crush
Shaft weight 49 grams 65 grams 65 grams
Grip used in testing Winn Lite Karma RF10 Karma RF10
Grip weight 25 grams 48 grams 48 grams
Swing Speed: 109.6 104.5 101.3

There is a bell curve as to what is the optimum length and weight that will generate the greatest amount of clubhead speed PLUS making solid contact. Therefore it is impossible to say how much and if a player can swing the longer and lighter club faster. But for every 1 MPH faster you can swing the club and make solid contact, you are talking about an extra 2.5 yards. In our above experiment, the Acer XF Leggera Ultra Light was generating 5.1 MPH faster swing speed. That potentially translates to an additional 12.75 yards off the tee. That means a club less on your next shot. Think about it. Do you think you can handle that?

If you need a different shaft, flex, grip or want to change length etc., feel free to contact us. You can mention your preferences in the notes section of the order form or send us a separate email.

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What do we do with our testing clubs?

One of the more enjoyable part of our business is testing golf clubs. That’s how we come up with the reviews that our customers enjoy. We use the clubs for an hour or so on the golf range and then play a couple of rounds with them before writing our reviews. They are almost brand new. So what do we do with them?

We sell them – generally at half price or less. They are listed in our
Clearance section.

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