Apr 232012
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True Ace Green Ghost Graphite Shaft

Tailored for the strong golfer

True Ace Green Ghost - A premium graphite shaft tailored to the strong golfer.

A premium graphite shaft


  • Premium graphite shaft tailored to the strong golfer
  • Tour trajectory provides a strong boring ball flight, and the low torque and quality construction produces consistent results time after time.

Better equipment = Lower scores

Trimming Instructions:

Wood Tip Trim 1   3   5   7   9
R Flex 0   0.5   1   1.5   1.5
S Flex 1   1.5   2   2.5   2.5



Type Ball Flight Flex Torque Butt Tip Weight Length
Wood Low-Mid R/S Combo 3.5 .600 0.335 67 g 46″

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