Dec 062012
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Constructed of forged aluminum and precision milled.

Tetra X Putter

Tetra X PutterTetra X PutterTetra X Putter


  • The new Tetra X putter represents the ultimate in perimeter weighting. This fully-assembled square-shaped putter has an incredibly high Moment of Inertia to reduce twisting upon impact. Constructed of forged aluminum and precision milled, this model is face-balanced with a soft polymer insert and has many design features to assist “squaring” the putter to your target.
  • Available in right hand only, with a soft, velvet-style grip. 
  • The Hireko Golf 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee does not apply to the Tetra X Putter.
  • Perfect for golfers of all skill levels who are trying to bring consistency to their short game.

For more detaiils about the Tetra X Putter, click here.

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