Jan 292013
Dynacraft Prophet Tour

Forged CNC Irons   Better equipment = Lower scores   How to ask for customization: We build to order. You pick the clubs and their specs. If you don’t want any change and are happy the way they are configured on this page, you don’t have to do anything. Just order and we will build. If you just want a minor change to the clubs like changing flex or length, order the clubs and when making payment, mention your preferences in the comments / notes section of the payment/order form. We will build accordingly. Or, send us a separate email after making payment.    The Dynacraft Prophet Tour Forged CNC irons for the better player. Meticulously crafted from a raw block of ultrasoft carbon steel, the Prophet Tour CNC irons incorporate technology previously not available.  The Dynacraft Prophet Tour CNC is a new concept in forged iron production techniques creating an entire set of raw forgings with the hosels spin welded onto the body. These raw forgings are dimensionally thicker and substantially overweight (a little more than 100g) with enough material that could be used to create a traditional blade, full cavity back or semi-cavity design by CNC milling the entire back. The key building block was to select the right shape, blade length, offset, and toe radius that more accomplished golfers would find timeless. All in all, you get the joy of playing with a blade with some game improvement features. For more details about the 

Jan 282013
Acer XF Pro irons

  Better equipment = Lower scores   The Acer XF Pro are irons for the better player. Most pros and scratch golfers like to play with muscle back irons. Nothing like it if you can hit the ball pure. Pros practice daily for hours. Their timing is excellent and they get the most out of muscle back irons.  If you are not a pro but a good player nevertheless, you need a club that will deliver consistent results on your good days and bad. Don’t you agree? You need a club that has some of the features of game improvement clubs without the heavy draw bias or offset. You need a club that will help you on off-center hits and trajectory but not too much. You need a club that will help you but still let you dictate the shot. That is what the Acer XF Pro excels at. End result – helps you hit the ball straighter with optimum trajectory – without restricting your ability to draw or fade. Now you can hit around trees and fly over lakes and hazards. When you end up in the woods, hitting flat shots under the branches is a cinch. For more information about the Acer XF Pro irons, click here.

Jan 282013
Acer XF irons

  Better equipment = Lower scores   The Acer XF line has three versions: Acer XF standard – for the broadest range of golfers Acer XF high trajectory – for the high handicapper. They come with the widest sole, higher loft and generous offset. Acer XF Professional – for the better player. Narrower sole, reduced offset and relatively smaller face – helps the golfer shape his shots without much club bias. End result – helps you hit the ball straighter – you may even be able to start drawing your shots. Also helps you get the ball higher in the air. Now you can fly over the lake and hazards instead of fishing for your ball and looking for the drop zone all the time. For more information about the Acer XF irons, click here.

Jan 272013
Acer XF HT irons

    XF = Extra Forgiving       HT = High Trajectory Designed for the high handicapper High handicappers suffer from two major problems. They can’t get the ball high enough and they can’t get the ball straight enough. A low flight push or slice often gets in the woods or water. To improve ball flight, the engineering involved in the Acer XF HT moved the center of gravity deeper and lower in the clubhead. For control, a good bit of weight was moved from the back (that’s why the cavity) and moved to the peripheral. The generous offset is an additional help in squaring the club face. For more details about the Acer XF HT irons, click here.

Jan 272013
Power Play Adrenaline irons

  The intricate shape of the Power Play Adrenaline iron required a two-piece construction not commonly found in irons today. This type of construction is usually reserved for ultra-game improvement irons using multi-materials. Its’ unique appearance is equaled by its performance – the uncanny ability to provide additional power and keep your ball in play for eye-opening results.  When your adrenaline kicks in and you want to hit the ball hard, you want to do so without the fear of which direction the ball might go. Problem solved as the expanded sole combined with the Tri-Cavity weighting pushes perimeter weighting to their outermost limits.  For more information about the Power Play Adrenaline irons, click here.

Jan 262013
Acer XDS React irons

Sniper Accuracy Super Distance >>> Who says an advanced game-improvement model can’t look conventional? How did we do this? First we started out with a generous face area to instill confidence at address. The XDS React has an increased cambered sole radius accounting for a variety of turf conditions regardless of one being a digger or sweeper.  The Acer XDS React irons look conventional but shrouded within the ultra-deep, asymmetrical multi-tiered cavity area is its extraordinary performance. Using new tooling techniques not available even as little as a year ago, we were able to carve out more material and redistribute it in the most optimum position. For more details about the Acer XDS React irons, click here.

Jan 192013
Power Play System Q Adrenaline

Iron like Hybrid Clubs Standard black & white velvet grips. Perfect for golfers who are trying to bring consistency to their long game. We are confident that not only will you like these clubs, you will also recommend us to your golfing buddies.   Features: Never hit a # 1 iron? Now you can – and with ease. Some hybrids are more wood like, some more iron like. These are more iron like. If you are good with irons but just struggle with the longer irons, then you will like these hybrid irons. If you prefer to have your complete set in the same type of clubs, now you can. You need help with midrange or shorter irons? Now you can. The uni-rail sole is designed to efficiently get through any lie.  The hosel position ensures the Adrenaline hybrids are easy to align, easy to hit, accurate and forgiving.  The ultra-low center of gravity gives you better ball trajectory. The Adrenaline hybrid is available in size 1 to 9, PW and SW. Buy one or more or a complete set. For more details about the Power Play System Q Adrenaline, click here.

Jan 192013
Dynacraft Avatar XMOI Hybrid Clubs

The #3 and 4 irons have a wider footprint sporting an increased breadth and shallow face. This positions the center of gravity much lower and more rearward within the design to give less skilled players added confidence and the ability to easily get the ball airborne.  The mid-irons progressively become narrower (as less game improvement is required) and bridge the gap between a conventional iron appearance.  The scoring clubs starting with the #8 look traditional at address. The additional loft beautifully hides the hollow-body but still helps to increase the moment of inertia.  The rounded toplines provide plenty of face area and raise the center of gravity enough to control the trajectory.  Perfect for golfers who are trying to bring consistency to their long game. Every year, we do ‘Hybrid Golf Clubs Reviews‘ to make it easier for our customers to make an informed decision. We did the same this year also. We tested the Avatar hybrid clubs the most, not because they were difficult to but because we couldn’t believe any club could help you hit so straight. It is very hard to hit a bad shot with these hybrids.  Testers used words like “incredible”, “this one is mine”, “I am keeping this one”, ” I found my hybrids” to describe the Avatar XMOI. The most forgiving of all hybrids we tested.  Larger head – looks like a sculpted wood – it’s more wood like. Good hits fly off the face   Available is size 3 to 9, PW, GW and [Read More …]

Jan 182013
Acer XF Wide Sole Hybrid Clubs

  Features: Designed like expensive woods with wider sole and the same high end black PVD finish. Variable face thickness to reduce the perimeter area of the impact zone – that makes the entire club face more active. Variable Crown Technology. All the unwanted weight normally reserved for the crown is repositioned deep within the head for added stability, feel and trajectory to hold greens better. For more information about the Acer XF Wide Sole Hybrid Clubs, click here.

Jan 172013
Acer XK Hybrid Golf Clubs

      Pay attention please: This makes a difference: Comes fitted with the Apollo Acculite 95 Superlite steel shaft. This shaft delivers an astonishing blend of balance, control and feel. 25 to 30 grams lighter than standard steel shafts. The lighter weight helps you generate greater clubhead speed that translates to greater distance. A little more expensive than traditional steel but well worth it. See additional options below. The Acer XK hybrids incorporate a variable face thickness to reduce the perimeter area of the impact zone so the entire club face could be more active.  Secondly, the crown was constructed with our exclusive VCT (variable crown technology) that measures as little as 0.5mm thick. All the unwanted weight normally reserved for the crown was repositioned deep within the head for added stability, feel and trajectory to hold greens better. Every year, we do ‘Hybrid Golf Clubs Reviews‘ to make it easier for our customers to make an informed decision. We did the same this year also. The Acer XK hybrid clubs rated highly in our testing.  Solid off the Tee.  You don’t have to hit a driver every time especially where the fairways are narrower and danger is lurking all around. Coupled with the lightweight steel shafts as configured, these hybrids will give you great distance and keep you out of trouble. Great off the turf – gives you the trajectory you need, let’s you shape your shots. You won’t have the long irons jitters any more.  For more [Read More …]