May 212012

Depends on how much you practice. If you only play on weekends, then it’s best to stay with conventional lofts ranging from 46º to 56º. However; if you can practice a couple of times a week in addition to playing a round of golf, then feel free to use the 60º, 64º or 68º lob wedges. If you can pull a flop shot with the ultra lob wedges, you will save a couple of shots per round besides being spectacular. You can do that with some consistency if you  practice regularly as that is what these difficult shots require. Flop shots while spectacular are difficult and require a lot of practice. Also look into zero bounce wedges. If the course where you play has elevated greens, quite often your shot will roll off the green and drop all the way to the bottom. That area could be very dry and hard especially in hot climes like Texas. That’s where a wedge with zero bounce or 4 to 6º bounce can come in handy. The minimal bounce allows the front edge of the blade to go under the ball minimizing the chances of the club skipping off the hard ground and hitting the ball near the middle. That totally ruins the shot and you end up crisscrossing the green.