Mar 252012
Golf Two Way Chipper - double sided works for both left hand and right hand golfers. Also ladies and juniors. chipper

Two Way Chipper Works for both left hand and right hand golfers Features: Takes a lot of guess work out of chipping. You can rely on this chipper for most chipping situations. Just vary the length and force of your swing as the situation requires instead of trying to figure out which club to use and how hard to hit. The Two-Way Chipper has a double-sided face and can be used by both right or left handed players. This two way club also comes handy in situations where your ball is close to a wall or tree and you can only take a wrong handed swing. Well now you have a club that has a face on both sides so you can take a legitimate swing at it. Add this chipper to your bag and have a true multi-purpose club. Regular putter length steel shaft We can change length for juniors and ladies. Perfect for golfers of all skill levels who are trying to bring consistency to their short game. Better equipment = lower scores Club Type Loft? Lie? Head Weight Club Length Hand Chipper 18 73 305 gms 36″ RH/LH Customization: We can customize the shaft length, type and grips on this chipper. If you have customization requirements, feel free to contact us.