Aug 122011
Set of 3 Wedges - Acer XC

Acer XC       Set of 3 Wedges Set of 3 wedges in lofts of 52, 56 and 60º. Rarely is there any innovation in wedges today as most take on a classic blade shape that was popular decades ago. While the limited offset aids in alignment and the narrow sole allows for the ability of opening up the blade for flop shots and other creative shots, they do little in the way of providing forgiveness when you are not on your “A” game.   The Acer XC wedges possess the thin topline, limited offset and blade-style appearance that golfers have been accustomed to. But the difference is in the weighting which you cannot see in the address position. The undercut channel redistributes material so the there is more weight lower and more rearward allowing for an increased trajectory and spin to hold greens better.  Square grooves offers maximum spin and control on approach shots to and around the greens.   Built with high quality stepped steel shaft with a low to mid kick point. Standard Soft Grips featuring an ultra soft compound that is firm enough to prevent twisting for a great feel in your hands.   Great wedges at a great price – what’s not to like!   Perfect for golfers of all skill levels who are trying to shoot lower scores – especially in the short game. Note: For individual club details like loft, bounce, length, flex etc, visit product specific page for Acer XC Set of 3 [Read More …]