Jan 042013
Nextt Tetra X 460cc Driver

  Features: The new Tetra X Driver represents the ultimate in performance and value. This assembled square profiled driver packs 460cc of incredibly high Moment of Inertia power. Constructed of aluminum alloy.  Preassembled with custom Voltage V.95 Graphite R flex shafts and black wrap grip. 10.5 loft. Perfect for golfers of all skill levels who are trying to bring consistency to their short game. For more details about the Nextt Tetra X 460cc Driver, click here.

Jan 042013
Nextt Smoke Driver

Features: Smoke never looked so good. We meshed high technology with a thought toward a non-classic, Tour inspired shaped head and deep face depth. So even off-center or miss hits will send the ball directly down the fairway.  Perfect for golfers of all skill levels who are trying to bring consistency to their short game. For more details about the Nextt Smoke Driver, click here.

Jan 022013
Tour Edge Bazooka HT Max D Driver

The 460cc titanium head offers the ultimate combination of distance and forgiveness. Features: Go ahead and pull the trigger on golf’s ultimate, lightweight distance weapon – the Bazooka HT Max D driver. This SUPER light driver delivers stunning power off the tee and faster swing speeds not possible from traditional drivers. Powering this is a 46″ remarkably light 50-gram Aldila shaft designed from their incredibly popular NV platform. The 460cc titanium head offers the ultimate combination of distance and forgiveness.  For more details about the Tour Edge Bazooka HT Max D Driver, click here.

Jan 022013
Tour Edge J Max Gold Driver

The Gold’s graphite shaft is shorter than a typical fairway wood making it more accurate and controllable than other fairway woods. Features: The JMAX is a low profile hybrid-fairway with a super-thin hyper steel face and walls that allow more weight to be repositioned in the sole. On impact, the heavy radius sole produces a crisp feel and “hot” launch, with minimal club head twisting and reduced drag. The Gold’s graphite shaft is shorter than a typical fairway wood making it more accurate and controllable than other fairway woods. In fact, the shaft’s low torque and flex point minimize club head twisting at impact and deliver a high-and-quick launch for reduced dispersion and more accurate shots. The JMAX Gold makes hitting great shots a reality and not an illusion – try it once and you’ll see how easily the ball escapes from the rough, sand or tight lies. For more details about the Tour Edge J Max Gold Driver, click here.

Jan 012013
Tour Edge Exotics XCG5 Driver

Features: Truly unique, the XCG5 features Tour Edge’s one-of-a-kind, combo-brazing to join the titanium face and body to an ultra-thin beta titanium crown. In fact, no other driver sold in the United States uses brazing. It’s too expensive and time consuming.   The Exotics line continues to go from strength to strength. The XCG5 is no different. Its beta titanium crown material is ultra-thin and lighter than the previous carbon crown found in the XCG4. This material dramatically improves sound while allowing more weight to be added to the rear of the sole through our new Six-Point Perimeter Weighting System.  Taking your ball from 0-60 in a millisecond, the Boomerang face is 12% larger than previous models. This high-tech design offers multiple levels of variable face thickness that supercharge the rebound effect from more points on the face.  Power is also enhanced by generating greater swing speed. The aerodynamic shape and visibly sloped crown and sole reduce drag and improve airflow for faster swing speed.  For more details about the Tour Edge Exotics XCG5 Driver, click here.

Dec 302012
Acer XF Leggera

The longest driver of them all Material: Face: 6-4 Titanium Body: 100% Titanium Finish: White crown and Charcoal Metallic sides Manufacturers can’t just magically remove weight from a massive 460cc titanium driver without some consequences. It’s tricky business. Using very precise manufacturing technologies, weight was removed only from the crown area so as not to affect the strength of the overall clubhead.   Comes fitted with the high end Winn DSI AVS 17 soft comfortable grip with all weather playability. You see the pro’s hit 300 yards plus drives and wish you could too. To do so, you can try and increase your clubhead speed through building your strength and flexibility. We hesitate in having a driver longer than 45″ as that means a slightly heavier driver and also potential loss of control. When the Acer XF Leggera clubhead was introduced, it was intriguing. Most driver clubheads weigh 200 grams. The Leggera clubhead is 190 grams. You can have a lighter 45″ driver and that will give you greater clubhead speed but it will feel different – feel matters.   The Acer XF Leggera is designed specifically for those who already hit a fairly straight ball but seeking the maximum amount of distance off of the tee. If you are not of Italian descent, Leggera translates into light. We fitted the Leggera clubhead with a True Ace Blue Crush shaft. I like it’s low torque and firm feel and use it on most of the drivers I test.  Comes fitted with [Read More …]

Dec 292012
Dynacraft Avatar Evolution

Material: Face: 6-4 Titanium Body: 100% Titanium Finish: White Bigger is better is the mantra of golfers everywhere. If golfers could get their hands on a bigger head that was within the rules, they would. This is how the Dynacraft Evolution driver concept was conceived – make better use of the volume and dimensional limits as humanly possible. The Dynacraft Evolution’s footprint would normally result into a volume of 512cc, but with some creativity this driver design is able to stay within the limits.   Dynacraft Evolution is pushing the envelope by making this our highest moment of inertia driver. Using a new construction technique, we shed weight from the only place possible – the crown area. Our super-thin crown technology allows additional discretionary weight to be at our disposal for even greater forgiveness and at the same time ensures the center of gravity is in the right place to create those high launching, tape measure drives.   For more details about the Dynacraft Avatar Evolution, click here.

Dec 292012
Acer XF Titanium Driver

Material: Face: 6-4 Titanium Body: 100% Titanium Finish: Charcoal Metallic Do you want to have fun? You want to hit the ball far? Do you want to hit the ball in your own fairway? And do you want to enjoy golf with family and friends? Certainly you do! Then one of these new Acer XF drivers is right for you. How do we know? We made certain that each one of these drivers produces a different end result based on the most common challenges that golfers face today.   Acer XF: The Acer XF is our flagship model and available in a variety of lofts to suit players of all skill levels. After all, you are simply looking for a driver that will provide you with all that extra forgiveness without worrying about all that technical stuff.    Acer XF Draw: Frustrated that the only fairways you manage to hit aren’t the ones you are aiming at? If that sounds like you, the XF Draw is the ultimate slice buster. The Draw version utilizes an offset hosel and more closed face angle to help square the face at impact. The Acer XF Draw (anti-slice) evens out the playing field by making your next shot straighter and longer than conventional drivers you have tried inthe past in much the same way offset irons benefit millions of golfers on a daily basis.   For more details about the Acer XF Titanium Driver, click here.

Dec 262012
Interloper Golf Presents The 'System Q2'

– Square face design with superb aesthetics Distance and control Material: Face: 6/4 Titanium Body: 100% Titanium Shaft:True Ace Blue Crush. Weight: 62 grams. Torque: 2.9. Flex: Regular (default). Also available in Stiff Flex. It comes equipped with the True Ace Blue Crush Graphite Shaft. The lightweight True Ace Blue Crush is specifically designed with an ultra-low torque which provides tip stable performance for large headed drivers. That’s what we used in testing this club (read reviews).  Important: If your swing speed is less than 100, or you are a senior, a junior or a lady golfer, let us know and we can switch you to a different shaft that will be more responsive to your swing. No extra charge. Just email or call us and we’ll be glad to help. The shaft is the engine of your driver. It does not matter how expensive a clubhead you have – if the shaft is not right for your swing, the results will not be satisfactory. Adjustable weights to suit your swing Features: The Power Play System Q line includes three drivers, thePower Play System Q quad screws, theSystem Q Tri Port, and now the System Q2. They have distinct advantages for the weekend golfer who does not have the time to work with an instructor and iron out kinks in his swing. These clubs compensate for swing tendencies and gives you a game you can live with. The System Q2 has a square face design while the System Q has [Read More …]

Dec 252012
Acer Mantara XL Square Head Driver

Bold, symmetrical, sleek, powerful … and straight Material: Face: 6-4 Titanium Body: 100% Titanium Finish: Royal Blue Features: Bold, symmetrical, sleek and powerful. Inspired by the enormous, but graceful manta ray, the clubhead takes on a “square-like” shape. Why? All in an effort to move more weight further from the center of gravity (or out toward the outermost perimeter of the head) creating a slightly high moment of inertia over a traditional shaped driver.  The easy to align aerodynamic profile is constructed from a 6-4 titanium face and a thin, lightweight titanium crown, skirt and soleplate. Choice of shafts For more details about the Acer Mantara XL Square Head Driver, click here.