Jul 302014
64 Degree lob wedge - great for flop shots. Golf - Extra Lofted Lob Wedge 64? loft -  higher trajectory, backspin and loft - control and accuracy

Professional Open Series 690 Classic Satin Finish 64? Extra Lofted Lob Wedge Compare features and performance with Cleveland® Golf lob wedges at $129 per club. This new Extra Lofted Wedge features great playability and a classic Satin finish. Looks great and plays like a winner! Specifications: 64 Degree lob wedge – for higher trajectory, soft landing, backspin and greater control Classic Satin finish – plays great and looks great. Built with high quality stepped steel shaft with a low to mid kick point resulting in a slightly higher ball trajectory. Soft Grips featuring an ultra soft compound that is firm enough to prevent twisting for a great feel in your hands. Compare with the best classic wedge designs such as Cleveland’s® Golf 900 Form Forged Gun Metal Wedges at $129.00 each! Perfect for golfers of all skill levels who are trying to shoot lower scores – especially in the short game. Better equipment = Lower scores Renowned instructor and short game guru Dave Pelz recommends four wedges as an ideal way to improve your short game and lower your score. 63% of shots are in the sub-100 yard range. The better your short game, the better your score. This 64 degree Extra Lofted Lob Wedge will get you started towards a great short game. Order now and lower your score! Item Description Club Loft ? Lie ? Head Weight Bounce Hand Shaft Length Shaft Flex Professional Open Series 690 Satin Extra Lofted Lob Wedge 64 64 312 gms 5? RH/LH [Read More …]

Nov 182012
Acer i-Sight Santa Cruz Long Putter

Also called neck putter or broomstick putter – With two piece grip and 50″ shaft Recent wins by Adam Scott and Web Simpson on the PGA tour and continuous wins and high finishes by Bernhard Langer on the Senior tour are making more and more people notice long putters. Long Putters have been around for a while but when a unique club type gets some victories under its belt, regular weekend golfers also take notice. For more details about the Acer i-Sight Santa Cruz Long Putter, click here.

Nov 172012
Bridges Zipper 3   - - Blade Putter

Features: Classic style black zinc blade putter Copper insert for smooth roll Wider blade for greater forgiveness Alignment lines Offset hosel helps set hands ahead of the clubhead – helps against hitting the ball on the up Comes fitted with a straight steel shaft and standard paddle grip.  For more information about the Bridges Zipper 3   – – Blade Putter, click here.

Nov 162012
Two Way Chipper

Works for both left hand and right hand golfers Features: Takes a lot of guess work out of chipping. You can rely on this chipper for most chipping situations. The Two-Way Chipper has a double-sided face and can be used by both right or left handed players. This two way club also comes handy in situations where your ball is close to a wall or tree and you can only take a wrong handed swing.  The Two Way Chipper has a 18º loft and is preferred by those who want to land close to the edge of the green and get more roll. If you want to land closer to the pin and have relatively less roll, then go with the True Ace Chipper which comes with a 35º loft.  Perfect for golfers of all skill levels who are trying to bring consistency to their short game. For more details about the Two Way Chipper, click here.

Nov 142012
Bionik 105 Red insert Putter

Compare features, performance and price with Taylor Made® Rossa putter priced at $165. Features: Bionik Putters feature soft alloy inserts anodized for a striking new look.  Amazing high mirror finish takes on the hue of the insert making each putter in the Bionik line unique. Alloy insert with milled face helps ensure optimal ball roll. Body is zinc with beautiful tin-nickel finish. The three line alignment system assures confidence in your putting stroke when lining up your putts. Perfect for golfers of all skill levels who are trying to shoot lower scores. For more information about the Bionik 105 Red insert Putter, click here.

Nov 092012
Drills and Games

Features: This package includes some of the best drills and games from top teachers and players from around the globe. Makes learning fun for you and your golf buddies. Drills & Games Notebook- Includes faux leather yardage book cover and 9 full color Drills & Games cards For more information about Drills and Games, click here.

Nov 082012
Precision Woods & Long Iron Shots

Paper Back   From the Publisher “I enjoyed reading Precision Woods and Long Iron Shots. It will add the missing link to teaching the fundamentals of the game.”     ~ Bobby Nichols Senior PGA Tour Player Book Description: If you’re one of the many golfers who wants more length and accuracy in their long game, Precision Woods and Long Iron Shots is for you. Through a unique combination of on-course strategies and drills you will learn, improve, and then master Tee shots Fairway woods Long irons Strategies for par 5s, and Creative shotmaking. Fifty-eight common long-game situations are accompanied by 100 photos and 68 illustrations to help you visualize the required shot and learn how to execute it. You’ll fine-tune your club selection, swing technique, and course management for each long shot you’ll ever face on a golf course.   For more information about the Precision Woods & Long Iron Shots, click here.