Oct 102012
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The Art of the Swing offers priceless advice for transforming your game at any level.

Stan Utley - Packages

 Stan Utley - Packages Stan Utley - Packages Stan Utley - Packages Stan Utley - Packages

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BOOK: The Art of the Swing

Stan Utley’s breakthrough putting and short-game strategies have made him one of the most sought-after golf instructors in America. Over the years, he has noticed an added benefit to short-game enhancement: mastering the sequence of motion for a putting stroke, chip, or pitch shot is an integral part of mastering a superb full swing. In The Art of the Swing, Utley introduces the groundbreaking new instructional methods that grew from this discovery. 
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Stan Utley “The Art of the Swing” Package (Book, Rail, FREE DVD), click here.

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