Sep 142011
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Golfers change their driver more often than any other club in their bag. Every year, manufacturers come up with newer and better models and golfers want to know which one is the best driver of them all. However; the best golf driver for one may not be the best golf driver for another person. We all have different swings and different strengths and weaknesses. That makes golf reviews that much more difficult. The best golf drivers for women are different than the best golf drivers for seniors. Most men want to know which one is the longest driver and do the lighter heads or the lighter shafts help them get faster clubhead speed. High handicappers want to know which ones are the most forgiving drivers and total newbies are looking for discount golf drivers.

Now golf magazines do a very good job of comparing big brands but the best values are in the minor brands. Why pay $300 for Callaway golf drivers or Titleist or Cleveland when an Acer Leggera can be just as good for 1/3rd the price. Magazines don’t cover minor brands. We at InterloperGolf focus on minor brands but didn’t have comparative driver reviews to help our customers make better decisions. So we decided to do it ourselves. review golf driver, golf driver, best golf driver, used golf drivers, golf clubs drivers,

We based our review and comparison of golf drivers on how well they perform in various situations but shot dispersion and the ability to shape shots was the most important part. Most par 4’s and 5’s start with a driver shot off the tee and if you and your driver don’t go together, you will struggle all day. If you hit your first shot in the woods, in the hazard or away from your target, you have an uphill battle just to make par. Equipping yourself with a driver that suits your game gives you a chance to hit the ball in the fairway and towards your target. A driver should help your game, not work against you.

We tested the drivers on the range and on the course to get a very good feel for them. For consistency, we used the same shaft in all and tested the same loft on all drivers.

Here is the link to the chart:  Review of Golf Drivers

Do read the commentary following the ranking.


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