Nov 082012
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Precision Woods & Long Iron Shots, a book for the long game


From the Publisher
“I enjoyed reading Precision Woods and Long Iron Shots. It will add the missing link to teaching the fundamentals of the game.”
    ~ Bobby Nichols Senior PGA Tour Player

Book Description:

If you’re one of the many golfers who wants more length and accuracy in their long game, Precision Woods and Long Iron Shots is for you. Through a unique combination of on-course strategies and drills you will learn, improve, and then master

  • Tee shots
  • Fairway woods
  • Long irons
  • Strategies for par 5s, and
  • Creative shotmaking.

Fifty-eight common long-game situations are accompanied by 100 photos and 68 illustrations to help you visualize the required shot and learn how to execute it. You’ll fine-tune your club selection, swing technique, and course management for each long shot you’ll ever face on a golf course.


For more information about the Precision Woods & Long Iron Shots, click here.

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