Feb 232012
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Precision Woods & Long Iron Shots

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Precision Woods & Long Iron Shots, a book for the long game


From the Publisher
“I enjoyed reading Precision Woods and Long Iron Shots. It will add the missing link to teaching the fundamentals of the game.”
Bobby Nichols Senior PGA Tour Player

“Precision Woods and Long Iron Shots is a very precise book that explains all aspects of every shot. It is well suited for the serious golfer.”
Charlie Sorrell 1990 National PGA Teacher of the Year

Book Description:

If you’re one of the many golfers who wants more length and accuracy in their long game, Precision Woods and Long Iron Shots is for you. Through a unique combination of on-course strategies and drills you will learn, improve, and then master

  • Tee shots

  • Fairway woods

  • Long irons

  • Strategies for par 5s, and

  • Creative shotmaking.

Fifty-eight common long-game situations are accompanied by 100 photos and 68 illustrations to help you visualize the required shot and learn how to execute it. You’ll fine-tune your club selection, swing technique, and course management for each long shot you’ll ever face on a golf course.

Precision Woods and Long Iron Shots is part of Human Kinetics’ Precision Golf Series, a collection of books featuring specific, in-depth instruction and focused drills designed to improve the key components of a golfer’s game.

A strong long game = Bragging rights



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