Jan 132013
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Compare with Taylor Made Rescue Dual TP Steel at $249 each

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Material: 17-4 stainless steel
Bulge x Roll: 15″x15″
Finish: Black


  • Try the Power Play System Q Hybrid Irons! The innovative hybrid shape is designed to be as easy to hit as your fairway woods, but with the accuracy you need in irons
  • Power Play has extended the “Quad-Port” weighting technology of its System Q Driver to its new System Q Hybrid Irons. The new “Tri-port”weighting system not only allows for a lower deeper center of gravity and increased MOI (moment-of-inertia), but the three interchangeable weighted screws can be configured to encourage straight, draw, or fade trajectory. 
  • This break-through utility club will hit the ball higher and longer than long irons of comparable lofts, while delivering exceptional control. 
  • Comes with the Powerflex FW-114 graphite shaft – a 103 grams filament wound shaft designed for mid to higher handicappers. 
  • You can buy one club or more or a complete set.

For more details about the Power Play System Q Hybrid Irons, click here.

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