Jan 132013
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Compare to TaylorMade Rescue Mid at $199 per club.

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hybrid clubs for ladies hybrid clubs with graphite shaft 60 grams light weight

Club Head Material: 17-4 Stainless steel
Finish: Charcoal Black

The hybrid clubs for ladies


  • The innovative hybrid shape is designed to be as easy to hit as your fairway woods, but with the accuracy you need in irons.
  • The unique smooth sole design reduces the chance of digging into the ground.
  • Low center of gravity makes it dramatically easier to launch than a long-iron, resulting in consistently higher, longer shots.
  • Comes with the Ibella Obsession lightweight graphite shaft. A light 60 gram graphite shaft with a low 4.5 torque designed to help generate a high ball flight. Ideal for lady golfers.
  • Soft blue velvet grips.
  • Compare to TaylorMade Rescue Mid at $199 per club. Our Power Play Select 5000 costs just a fraction of the TaylorMade Rescue. Isn’t it a great buy!

For more details about the Power Play Select 5000 Hybrid Clubs for ladies, click here.

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