Apr 052012
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Headcovers – Plush

Plush fur lined headcovers with long neck

golf - KT01 plush headcovers for drivers, woods, hybrid / utility irons and putters


  • Protect clubheads from rattling and knocking the paint off each other

Protect your clubs

Protect the finish of your clubs, prevent nicks and scratches on graphite shafts with these headcovers

Item Description Type Color Package Unit Price
KT01-A: 1-3-X Black-Headcover Wood Black Single $10.00
KT01-E: With Removable Tags (3,5,7,X). Black Wood Black Single $6.50
KT01-C: Tiger Headcover Wood Black/Yellow Single $10.30
KT01-D: Utility (15, 18, 21, 24) Utility Black Single $5.00
KT01-J: Putter headcover Putter Black Single $6.50
KT01-G: #1 Jumbo 400cc to 500cc Headcover Driver Black Single $7.90



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