Dec 262012
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– Foreboding design – advanced technology

similar to ping g5, 460 cc titanium driver, oxygen type x titanium driver

Distance and control


Shaft:True Ace Blue Crush. Weight: 62 grams. Torque: 2.9. Flex: Regular (default). Also available in Stiff Flex.

true ace blue crush graphite shaft with a torque of 2.9 and just 62 grams weight

It comes equipped with the True Ace Blue Crush Graphite Shaft. The lightweight True Ace Blue Crush is specifically designed with an ultra-low torque which provides tip stable performance for large headed drivers. That’s what we used in testing this club (read reviews). The blue crush has a low torque of 2.9, lightweight at only 62 grams and goes very well with this club. It is a little bit pricier than shafts like the Aldilla VX, the Powerflex FW-114 and Powerflex FW-501 but delivers good consistent performance. It is lighter – that translates to faster clubhead speed – that translates to longer drives. 


If your swing speed is less than 100, or you are a senior, a junior or a lady golfer, let us know and we can switch you to a different shaft that will be more responsive to your swing. No extra charge. Just email or call us and we’ll be glad to help. 

We don’t just sell the clubs – we test them and we play with them. We test them on the range and then put them into play to get a very good feel for them. We have put a lot of thought and time in configuring this club by matching the right head with the right shaft and grip without making it too expensive


  • This is a club for the golfer who wants distance control and dispersion control.

  • The inspiration of the unique geometry is based on the Amazonian Black Caiman. This powerful and intimidating beast preys mostly on birdies and eagles and is fearless in devouring the competition.

  • Rounding out this design is a Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating, creating not only an extremely durable finish, but also providing a lustrous black appearance. The process involves the deposition of titanium carbon nitride under low vacuum conditions.

  • It has a 1/2 degree closed face that helps you avoid nasty slices.

similar to ping g5, 460 cc titanium driver, oxygen type x titanium driver

  • Maxed-out 460cc body further provides power and forgiveness.

  • Larger head means greater MOI, that means greater forgiveness on off center hits.

  • The thin beta titanium face provides maximum rebound – translates to greater distance.

For more information regarding the Interloper Golf Presents The ‘Caiman’, click here.

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