Aug 112011
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Acer XK Hybrid Clubs

Acer XK hybrid clubs, # 3 hybrid club, # 4 hybrid club, # 5 hybrid club,

  • Finding it hard to hit your long irons? Your shots don't have the right trajectory or they don't go straight enough?
  • The Acer XK hybrids incorporate a variable face thickness to reduce the perimeter area of the impact zone so the entire club face could be more active. This acts to increase the area of forgiveness over a larger portion of the face.
  • Secondly, the crown was constructed with our exclusive VCT (variable crown technology) that measures as little as 0.5mm thick. All the unwanted weight normally reserved for the crown was repositioned deep within the head for added stability, feel and trajectory to hold greens better.
  • Length and lofts were selected to be exact replacements for the same numbered long irons in terms of yardage.
  • These hybrids will rescue your game.
  • Standard black grips.
  • Perfect for golfers who are trying to bring consistency to their long game.

Better equipment = Lower scores

Please Note: Comes fitted with the Apollo Acculite 95 Superlite steel shaft. This shaft delivers an astonishing blend of balance, control and feel. 25 to 30 grams lighter than standard steel shafts. The lighter weight helps you generate greater clubhead speed that translates to greater distance. See additional options below.

Visit the Acer XK hybrid specific page for lofts, specs., and options.

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