Apr 032012
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Power Play System Q Hybrid Irons

Easy to hit and customizable

Compare with Taylor Made Rescue Dual TP Steel at $249 each

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Unique Tri-Port weighting system – Tailor it to hit straight, fade or draw.


Material: 17-4 stainless steel
Bulge x Roll: 15″x15″
Finish: Black


  • Having trouble with your long irons? Try the Power Play System Q Hybrid Irons! The innovative hybrid shape is designed to be as easy to hit as your fairway woods, but with the accuracy you need in irons.
  • Power Play has extended the “Quad-Port” weighting technology of its System Q Driver to its new System Q Hybrid Irons. The new “Tri-port” weighting system not only allows for a lower deeper center of gravity and increased MOI (moment-of-inertia), but the three interchangeable weighted screws can be configured to encourage straight, draw, or fade trajectory.
  • The new System Q Hybrid will enable you to customize your ball flight for greater accuracy and directional control.
  • This break-through utility club will hit the ball higher and longer than long irons of comparable lofts, while delivering exceptional control.
  • Let the new System Q Hybrids help you reach your potential. Take your game to a higher level.
  • Comes with the Powerflex FW-114 graphite shaft – a 103 grams filament wound shaft designed for mid to higher handicappers.
  • You can buy one club or more or a complete set.
  • Perfect for golfers of all skill levels who are trying to bring consistency to their game.


acer xp hybrid utility irons , 2,3, 4 and 5 hybrid iron, utility golf club

Better equipment = Lower scores

Power Play System Q Hybrid Irons: Sold individually – buy one or more:

Club # Loft? Lie? Head
Angle ?
Volume cc
Flex * Bounce Hand
2 16 60 224 0.5 open 35mm 105 41.0″ R/S   RH/LH
3 19 60 231 0.5 open 35mm 103 40.5″ R/S   RH/LH
4 22 61 238 0.5 open 35mm 102 40.0″ R/S   RH/LH
5 25 62 245 0.5 open 35mm 100 39.5″ R/S   RH/LH
6 29 62.5 252 0.5 open 35mm 97 39.0″ R/S   RH
7 33 63 259 0.5 open 35mm 94 38.5″ R/S   RH
8 37 63.5 266 0.5 open 35mm 91 38.0″ R/S   RH
9 41 64 273 0.5 open 35mm 88 37.5″ R/S   RH
PW 45 64 280 0.5 open 35mm 85 37.0″ R/S 3 RH
GW 50 64 287 0.5 open 35mm 82 36.5″ R/S 4 RH
SW 55 64 294 0.5 open 36mm 80 36.0″ R/S 7 RH

* Shaft Flex: R = Regular, S = Stiff

Important Notes when ordering:

  • The price is per club.

  • Available in Regular and Stiff Flex.

  • When making payment, in the comments section, mention the club # you want, the flex and whether you want the Right Handed or Left Handed version. The default is right handed with regular flex.


  • We can customize the shaft flex, length, type and grips. If you have customization requirements, feel free to contact us.

Allen Weight Screws

allen weight screws tungsten and aluminum screws Used in Power Play System Q drivers, woods and hybrids

Material Weight Price
Aluminum 2 grams $3.00
Steel 4 grams $3.00
Tungsten 6 grams $3.00
Tungsten 8 grams $3.00
Tungsten 10 grams $3.00
  • Each club comes with three 6g screws and wrench.

  • Additional weight screws (2g, 4g, 6g, 8g, 10g) may be purchased separately.


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