Aug 202011
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Golf Coach & Analyzer

IT’S NO SECRET that the only way to improve your game is practice. Now you can practice at home with the SWING GROOVER II, with full shot analysis and tracking. swing analyzer, swing speed analyzer, direction, club head speed analyzerThe ball flight and distance are animated in real-time on the large LCD screen. Information including clubhead speed, best and average shot distance and direction are calculated and digitally displayed in either standard yardage or Metric units. Most clubs in your bag can be used, and with each shot the user can choose from three different adjustable ball heights. The SWING GROOVER II develops good habits, promoting a natural tendency to swing through the ball. And since the ball spins in place there is no desire to look up after the ball. You will automatically keep your head down to view the ball flight on the LCD display.


  • Tracks & Analyzes Shot Distance & Direction for Each Club
  • Animated Display Shows Ball Flight
  • Choose Any Club from 1 Wood to 9 Iron
  • Surlyn Ball for a True Clubhead Feel
  • Thick, Soft, Durable Nylon Turf
  • Heavy Rubber Base For Indoor or Outside Use
  • Vivid White Alignment Stripe Helps Visualize Correct Swing Plane
  • For Left & Right Handed Golfers
  • Choose English or Metric Display 
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  One Response to “Electronic Swing Groover II”

  1. Where can I buy thie swing grooves in Switzerland or some other place in Europe – I have used this machine for several years and it is now broken – I wish to purchase another one

    Thanks for replying

    Kind regards

    Kamen Troller
    Geneva, Switzerland

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