Jan 062013
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Dynacraft ICT

Dynacraft ICT Dynacraft ICT Dynacraft ICT

Dynacraft ICT Dynacraft ICTDynacraft ICT


  • The 2010 Dynacraft Prophet ICT Driver was listed in the November, 2010 issue of Golf Digest’s article “Does Less Weight Equal More Distance”. The “New Looks” article then lists seven high tech drivers that exemplify these technologies with the 2010 Dynacraft Prophet ICT Driver being one them.
  • The patent pending adjustable 8-position hosel defines the new Dynacraft Prophet ICT series for 2010 (available on driver and fairway woods).  
  • The adjustable hosel is not designed as a fitting tool (although it can be used as one), rather it’s fit and play: a club you can be fit for on the spot and played immediately. 
  • The new Dynacraft Prophet ICT driver is our second generation driver to offer your complete customization with a new Tour-preferred shape. No other club on the market is as diverse as the Prophet ICT driver. Not only do you have the ability to change different shafts in seconds with the tool supplied, but one can also fine-tune the angles to provide the best possible combination to help improve accuracy on any given day.  
  • The octagonal interchangeable hosel adapter will create eight distinct lie and face angle sets of specifications from upright to flat to open to closed.

For more details about the Dynacraft ICT Titanium Driver, click here.

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