Aug 102011
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Double Sided Golf Club

A few months back, Phil Mickelson had an awkward lie. His ball was next to a large bush and either he takes a drop or hit a wrong handed shot. He tried the wrong handed shot with one of his long clubs and the result was a disaster. The ball hooked and hit him in the leg. That’s a penalty. What if he had a double sided club, that is, it can be played by both left and right handed golfers? The double sided chipper is just the right club for such situations even though that is not it’s original purpose.

The Double sided chipper is a very versatile club designed to help you around the greens. Many a times your approach shot ends up a short distance from the green. When that happens, your objective is to fly the ball over the rough, get it on the green and then let it roll towards the hole like a putt. There are two schools of thought on chipping, one prefers to use a different club every time based on the rough to fly over and the green to cover to the hole while the other prefers to use the same club but vary the stroke. The latter groups prefers clubs like the double sided chipper.

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Double sided chipper

It’s suggested to use a standard putting stroke – just vary the length of the stroke according to distance. It comes in standard putter length though you can ask the length to be customized for you.

You can also use the double sided Chipper for longer shots especially if you are stuck in an uncomfortable situation like Phil above or on the edge of a bunker or other hazard that does not allow you to take your normal swing. The double sided Chipper is a true multi-purpose double sided golf club.

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