Aug 122011
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The big Pooh-bahs of golf thought the modern day golfers are just bomb and gouge players and they needed to be reigned in. Maybe they were making the old timers look not so good. So they decided to change the rules on how deep the grooves of a wedge can be. Let’s see how these guys make par when they miss the green. Let’s see them squirm when their wedge shots fly over the green.

So all professional golfers were made to switch to the new groove conforming wedges in 2010. The result: In 2009, 57.5% of the time Pro’s who missed the green made Par or better. In 2010, 57.4%. So much for all that.

The winners – wedge manufacturers. Those amateurs who wanted to comply with the new USGA rule dumped their old wedges for the new ones. Those who couldn’t care less for USGA rules hoarded up on the non-complying wedges as manufacturers weren’t allowed to make them after December 31, 2010.

For the average weekend golfer, if you are happy with your wedges, don’t buy new ones unless you have worn out your grooves. The USGA doesn’t mind if you play with the new or old grooves for another 10 years – most of you don’t care anyway.

If you really want to improve your short game, what can really help you is better technique. Get your hands on a copy of Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible and practice what he preaches. That’s the best way of getting your score down.

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