Nov 072012
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Hard Cover

Dave Pelz's Short Game Bible - covers everything in the sub 100 yard game

“Do I believe in Dave Pelz? I paid full price to go to his school, and it was the best money I’ve ever spent. I learned more about my short game and putting in three days than in all my previous years and lessons combined. I know for sure I could not have won my second U.S. Open without the help of Dave Pelz. He has sure improved my scoring game! I’m looking forward to working with him often in the years to come. I AM a believer.”
–Lee Janzen

Book Description:

Dave’s approach to golf is easy to understand: 80 percent of the strokes golfers lose to par are determined by their play within 100 yards of the green – the crucial scoring game.

The first book by best-selling author and internationally revered instructor Dave Pelz since Putt Like the Pros, this new offering can show you the way to lower scores by improving your short game. Packed with all the knowledge, charts, and photos needed to learn from the master, Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible is the essential book for every golfer. Covering everything golfers need to know about how to improve their short game, Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible can – and will – help you to consistently shoot lower scores.  

“He who rules the short game collects the gold.”
–Dave Pelz’s Golden Rule of Golf


For more information about the DAVE PELZ’S SHORT GAME BIBLE, click here.

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