Nov 082012
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Hard Cover

Dave Pelz's Putting Bible - Everything about putting by the maestro dave pelz.

“Do I believe in Dave Pelz?  I paid full price to go to his school, and it was the best money I’ve ever spent.  I could not have won my second U.S. Open without his help. I am a believer.”
–Lee Janzen

Book Description:

Golf’s foremost apostle from 100 yards in, Dave Pelz follows up the bestselling Short Game Bible–his essential testament on how to get on the green–with chapter and verse on what to do once you’re finally there. The lower your handicap, the more of a religious experience it should be.
While you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to explain the forces at work in rolling a small, dimpled ball over changing terrain toward a cup that looks far too small for its purpose, Pelz was in fact a rocket scientist by trade.


For more details about the DAVE PELZ’S PUTTING BIBLE, click here.

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