Nov 232012
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43″ Nano Mallet Belly Putter

207 Nano Mallet Belly Putte

207 Nano Mallet Belly Putter 207 Nano Mallet Belly Putter 207 Nano Mallet Belly Putter


  • The Bionik 207 Nano Belly Putter is a heavier weighted, center-shafted mallet putter. Can be use either as a belly putter or someone who simply prefers a head-heavy standard putter. The wide mallet design uses two heavy weighted rods located in the undercarriage to create a higher center of gravity to coincide with the ball? equator for more consistent roll. The very broad design from face-to-back helps stabilize putts, resulting into fewer strokes on the green.
  • The milled aluminum insert provides a more solid feel with today’s ultra-soft urethane covered golf balls.
  • This face-balanced putter model also features a bold alignment line against a contrasting white body for easy alignment.
  • Putter Shaft: Apollo Steel Stepless 43″ Putter Shaft.
  • Grip: Karma 19″ Black/White Round Belly Putter Grip, Club Length: 43″
  • Perfect for golfers of all skill levels who are trying to bring consistency to their short game.

Fore more information about the Bionik 207 Nano Mallet Belly Putter, click here.

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