Oct 102012
Stan Utley DVD & Edge Putting Rail Bundle - STRONG ARC

Designed to support Stan Utley’s teaching philosophy, theLearning Curve Systemwill condition you to be more comfortable, relaxed and athletic on the green.   Features: Stan Utley is recognized as one of the premier putters and putting instructors on the planet. His DVD – “Learning the Curve” is the best 30 minutes you will ever invest to become a great putter. The 64? Edge Putting Rail was specially made to fit his style. When you watch him putt you’ll know why the call him the “Putting Guru”. For greater details on the Stan Utley DVD & Edge Putting Rail Bundle, Click Here.

Aug 222012
Review of Golf Wedges

The mid season update of Review and Comparison of Golf Wedges has been completed. A couple of sets that were being discontinued have been removed from the comparison. As you will see, the Dynacraft DMC forged wedges narrowly beat out the Acer XB wedges. In our comparison, we do not compare wedges that are part of a complete set. We only compare makes/models that are available as individual wedges only or as sets of wedges.  

Jun 192012
Acer i-Sight Santa Cruz Long Putter

Advantages of using a long putter / broomstick / neck putter – Acer i-Sight Santa Cruz broomstick long putter – Also disadvantages of using a long putter Also called neck putter or broomstick putter With two piece grip and 50″ shaft     Club Type Grip Length Club Length Blade Length Sole Width Loft Lie Weight Hand Long Putter / Broomstick Two piece black putter grip 50″ 4.5″ 1.7″ 3º 79º 450 gm RH/LH Note: Available in both left hand and right hand versions   If you want the length customized, just let us know. There is no charge for changing length. Grip Options: Winn 21-inch Putter Grip Red/Black A 21-inch pistol shaped putter grip with a flat top. Made of Winn’s Excel material. Winn 2 piece Putter Grip Black/Mahogany A two-piece putter grip made of Winn’s Excel material.  Click for Ordering information

May 212012

Depends on how much you practice. If you only play on weekends, then it’s best to stay with conventional lofts ranging from 46º to 56º. However; if you can practice a couple of times a week in addition to playing a round of golf, then feel free to use the 60º, 64º or 68º lob wedges. If you can pull a flop shot with the ultra lob wedges, you will save a couple of shots per round besides being spectacular. You can do that with some consistency if you  practice regularly as that is what these difficult shots require. Flop shots while spectacular are difficult and require a lot of practice. Also look into zero bounce wedges. If the course where you play has elevated greens, quite often your shot will roll off the green and drop all the way to the bottom. That area could be very dry and hard especially in hot climes like Texas. That’s where a wedge with zero bounce or 4 to 6º bounce can come in handy. The minimal bounce allows the front edge of the blade to go under the ball minimizing the chances of the club skipping off the hard ground and hitting the ball near the middle. That totally ruins the shot and you end up crisscrossing the green.

May 182012

In most cases No. If you just carry a pitching wedge and a sand wedge, you will have a big gap in terms of loft and distance. Let’s say your pitching wedge is 46º and your sand wedge is 58º. That is a 12º difference. At about 3 yards per degree of loft, you end up with a 36 yard distance gap. Ideally you should have no more than a 5º difference in lofts. If you don’t have the right lofts, you will end up over swinging on some and taking partial shots at other greens. That is not a very good situation. Ideally, you should be taking full shots with your wedges at the greens. Solution: Carry a third wedge to bridge the gap between your Pitching Wedge and Sand Wedge. It’s quite often called the Gap Wedge or A Wedge.

May 072012
Michelle Wie - Bio and Pictures

American Professional Female Golf  Player – Michelle Wie Michelle Wie is an American Profesional Golfer on the LPGA Tour. She is very popular US female Golfer.  Michelle Wie was born in Honolulu Hawaii, USA on October 11, 1989 to Byung-Wook “BJ” Wie and Bo Wie, both of whom had immigrated to USA from South Korea (Republic of Korea). B.J.was her first coach, who often served as her caddy. Michelle began playing golf at four years old and was soon able to drive the ball 100 yards. When She reached the age of 12, Michelle could power the ball more than 300 yards. Michelle likes to hit the ball hard and has already won two events on the LPGA tour, has had 7 top-ten finishes in Major Competition and has shot the lowest round ever recorded by a woman golfer in a men’s PGA tour event. Amateur Golf Career of Michelle Wie Year 2000 – At the age of 10, Michelle became the youngest winner of the U.S. Women’s Amateur Public Links title. Michelle won the Honolulu Mayor’s Open. Year 2001– At the age of 11, Michelle won both Hawaii State and Women’s Stroke Play Championship and the Jennie K. Wilson Women’s Invitational, the oldest and the most prestigious women’s amateur tournament in Hawaii. She also advanced into match play at the Women’s U.S. Amateur Public Links Championship. Year 2002 – Michelle won the Hawaii State Open Women’s Division by thirteen shots. The youngest Golfer to qualify for an LPGA event, [Read More …]

Apr 112012
The best hybrid golf clubs of the year

Dynacraft Avatar Evolution Hybrid Clubs Hybrid golf clubs – 3 to 9, PW, GW and SW Click for larger pictures The mid-irons progressively become narrower (as less game improvement is required) and bridge the gap between a conventional iron appearance. The scoring clubs starting with the #8 look traditional at address. The additional loft beautifully hides the hollow-body but still helps to increase the moment of inertia. The rounded toplines provide plenty of face area and raise the center of gravity enough to control the trajectory. The inclusion of three wedges provide for better course management by eliminating distance gaps. Standard black & white velvet grips. Perfect for golfers who are trying to bring consistency to their long game. For the weekend warriors who wants to improve their golf game these hybrid clubs integrate perfectly all the tools necessary to help them achieve that goal.   Every year, we do ‘Hybrid Golf Clubs Reviews‘ to make it easier for our customers to make an informed decision. We did the same this year also.   We tested the Avatar hybrid clubs the most, not because they were difficult to but because we couldn’t believe any club could help you hit so straight. It is very hard to hit a bad shot with these hybrids.   Testers used words like “incredible“, “this one is mine“, “I am keeping this one“, “ I found my hybrids” to describe the Avatar Evolution.   The most forgiving of all hybrids we tested. It has the [Read More …]

Mar 202012
Precision Woods & Long Iron Shots, a book for the long game

Precision Woods & Long Iron Shots Paper Back   From the Publisher “I enjoyed reading Precision Woods and Long Iron Shots. It will add the missing link to teaching the fundamentals of the game.” Bobby Nichols Senior PGA Tour Player “Precision Woods and Long Iron Shots is a very precise book that explains all aspects of every shot. It is well suited for the serious golfer.” Charlie Sorrell 1990 National PGA Teacher of the Year Book Description: If you’re one of the many golfers who wants more length and accuracy in their long game, Precision Woods and Long Iron Shots is for you. Through a unique combination of on-course strategies and drills you will learn, improve, and then master Tee shots Fairway woods Long irons Strategies for par 5s, and Creative shotmaking. Fifty-eight common long-game situations are accompanied by 100 photos and 68 illustrations to help you visualize the required shot and learn how to execute it. You’ll fine-tune your club selection, swing technique, and course management for each long shot you’ll ever face on a golf course. Precision Woods and Long Iron Shots is part of Human Kinetics’ Precision Golf Series, a collection of books featuring specific, in-depth instruction and focused drills designed to improve the key components of a golfer’s game. A strong long game = Bragging rights