Jan 052013
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Adams Speedline Tech

Adams Speedline Tech  Adams Speedline Tech  Adams Speedline Tech

Adams Speedline Tech  Adams Speedline Tech


  • The Adams Speedline Tech UL Driver is Adams’ most advanced driver ever. Only 310g, fully assembled with Speedline airfoil technology and featuring Matrix RUL 54 graphite shaft. You’ swing it faster, easier, and with more confidence than ever before. Dial it in for distance, Speedline Tech is tuned for you. 
  • 6G Aerodynamic Technology improves shaping and size that helps this clubhead cut through the air faster than ever for more distance. 
  • FASTfit Adjustability allows you to quickly tune the clubhead for your individual swing and preferred ball flight for more distance.
  • 3DS Face Technology is a change in the bulge and roll of the face for ideal launch conditions for on-center and off-center hits resulting in 54% improvement in accuracy and more distance.

For more details about the Adams Speedline Tech UL Driver, click here.

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