Mar 042012
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Acer XK

fairway woods

Acer XK fairway woods, graphite shaft,

Acer XK fairway woods, graphite shaft,

Acer XK fairway woods, graphite shaft,

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Body: 431 Stainless Steel
Finish: Black
Breadth: # 3 – 90mm


  • An innovative stainless steel fairway series that allows total game management by offering lofts to suit a player’s individual needs!
  • There are three important technological features that make these higher performance clubs.

    • First, we incorporated our variable face thickness to reduce the perimeter area of the impact area so the entire club face could be more active. This acts to increase the area of forgiveness over a larger portion of the face.
    • Secondly, the crowns were constructed with exclusive VCT (variable crown technology) and measure as little as 0.5mm thick. All the unwanted weight normally reserved for the crown was repositioned deep within the head.
    • Lastly, the wide profile increases the Moment of Inertia.
  • All these features provide for a high launching ball flight with incredible accuracy.
  • Versatility is another word to describe the Acer XK fairway woods. Multiple lofts are offered including those not commonly found from a strong 3-wood for players who have no problem getting the ball airborne to a high-lofted 9-wood.
  • One addition is a 4-wood for those players wanting just one fairway wood in their bag. This allows you to add an extra wedge or hybrid to your set and stay within the 14 club maximum.
  • The 4-wood is also an outstanding solo fairway wood for ladies and seniors looking for the perfect partner to a high-lofted driver.
  • Comes with high quality Apollo Shadow Ultralight graphite shaft. The Shadow UL is an excellent ultra light graphite shaft designed for the mid handicapper. Light 62 gram weight allows for faster swing speeds, while the mid torque provides accuracy without feeling too harsh.
  • Standard velvet grip.
  • Perfect for golfers looking for accuracy, forgiveness and distance.


Better equipment = Lower scores


Individual clubs. You can buy one or more.

Club # Loft? Lie? Head
Weight (gms)
Height (mm)
Volume (cc)
Flex Hand
3+ 13 58 210 0.5? open 36 163 43″ A/L/R/S RH
3 15 58 210 square 36 160 43″ A/L/R/S RH/LH
4 17 58.5 215 square 36 152 42.5″ A/L/R/S RH
5 19 59 220 square 35 145 42″ A/L/R/S RH/LH
7 22 59.5 230 square 34 140 41″ A/L/R/S RH/LH
9 25 60 235 square 33 135 40″ A/L/R/S RH

* Shaft Flex: A = Active (for juniors and seniors), L = Ladies, R = Regular, S = Stiff

Important Notes when ordering:

  • The price is for a single club. You can buy one or more.

  • When making payment, in the notes / comments section, mention which club # you want, the flex you prefer and left hand or right hand. The default is # 5, right hand in regular flex.

  • Available in Right Hand and Left Hand.


  • We can customize the shaft flex, length, type and grips. If you have customization requirements, feel free to contact us.



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