Jan 232013
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Fairway Wood

Fairway Wood Fairway Wood Fairway Wood

 Fairway Wood Fairway WoodFairway Wood


  • The XDS Insider fairway woods derive their name from the very subtle visual aligning aids on the crown as well as the shape to encourage one to swing on an inside-out swing path. This is important not only to provide increased distance, but accuracy and a solid feel at impact. 
  • Each numbered fairway wood in this series has a different face angle to help deliver the clubface square upon impact. 
  • While we have explained the Acer XDS Insider has technology you can see, it also has other features you can’t see. A substantial amount of additional internal weighting was placed deep within the head to provide increased stability and create a higher launch angle.
  • The shallow face design and 4 way radius sole reduces contact with the turf for any course condition making this series one, if not, the most user-friendly fairway woods on the market today geared for the average golfer.

For more details about the Acer XDS Insider Fairway Wood, click here.

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