Feb 102013
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Don’t you just love golf? It’s a great game and we all wish we could play a little more often and score a little lower.

You’ll agree that a good short game can lower your score more than any other part of your game. 63% of shots are in the sub-100 yard range and that’s why many people have started carrying a set of 3 wedges or 4 wedges

USGA compliant wedges, 8 different lofts. Gap to lob wedges. 50°, 52°, 54°, 56°, 58°, 60°, 64°, 68°

Renowned instructor and short game guru Dave Pelz recommends four wedges as an ideal way to improve your short game and lower your score.

Dave Pelzpreaches the 3 x 4 = 12 shots method. That is, learn 3 shots with each of your 4 wedges and that will give you 12 repeatable shots for 12 different distances. The objective is to get your ball within 8 feet of the hole. That gives you a  high probability of one putting. You end up giving yourself a chance of scoring birdies and par. 

Which 4 wedges to buy? Many golfers prefer to go with 50º, 54º, 58º and a 64º lob wedge. Others prefer 52º, 56º, 60º and 64º. Some go for the 68º lob wedge along with three other wedges to complete their set of 4 wedges.

Pick the lofts that you feel most comfortable with. If you plan on hitting flop shots ala Phil Mickelson, then make sure you add either the 64º or 68º super high lob wedge.

Our Acer XB golf wedges are USGA approved and present a classic teardrop shape, tapered hosel, very minimal offset, thin top line and narrow sole.

Perhaps the greatest attribute is that no other set of wedges are as complete and versatile as the Acer XB wedges. There are as many as 8 different lofts to choose from providing you with total short-game management.

The appearance is just as elegant as its performance. When you hold the club, you can feel the precision and visualize the ball flying high and landing soft next to the flag in your minds eye. Feel it, imagine it, execute it.


For more details about the Acer XB Wedges, click here.


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