Dec 252012
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square driver, acer xp mantara xl square driver, 460 cc beta titanium driver

acer x class graphite shaft, weight 68 grams, low torque 5.0 mid torque for acer mantara square driver

Bold, symmetrical, sleek, powerful … and straight

Face: 6-4 Titanium
Body: 100% Titanium
Finish: Royal Blue


  • Bold, symmetrical, sleek and powerful.

  • Inspired by the enormous, but graceful manta ray, the clubhead takes on a “square-like” shape. Why? All in an effort to move more weight further from the center of gravity (or out toward the outermost perimeter of the head) creating a slightly high moment of inertia over a traditional shaped driver

  • The easy to align aerodynamic profile is constructed from a 6-4 titanium face and a thin, lightweight titanium crown, skirt and soleplate.

  • Choice of shafts

For more details about the Acer Mantara XL Square Head Driver, click here.

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