Aug 142011
Set of Hybrid Golf Clubs

When hybrid golf clubs started getting popular, many golfers added the 3 or 4 hybrids to their bags, generally replacing the irons they were finding hard to hit. Made sense. As people started getting more comfortable with hybrid golf clubs, they wanted to have the same or similar clubs in midrange sizes. Golf manufacturers complied and started stretching the top and bottom of the range. Today, you can get a hybrid golf club from # 1 to # 9 and even wedges come in hybrids. It seems odd but it isn’t really. As a golfer, you like to play with clubs that make you feel comfortable and that help you get consistent results. If hybrid clubs make you feel more comfortable, then why not have a set of hybrids. The general assumption is that most people struggle with long irons. However; at InterloperGolf, we see a good many orders for hybrid clubs in the shorter scoring clubs. Many people are ordering # 7, 8 and 9 in hybrid clubs. Initially we were a bit surprised but not everyone is good with short irons – we just assumed they were. Now that people see options available to them, they want to have hybrids there also. Looking at the demand for hybrids, we started tinkering with different make up of sets of hybrid golf clubs. We started with a set of 3 hybrid clubs, generally # 3, 4 and 5. It did decent business but our real success came with the set of [Read More …]