Mar 282012
Iron like hybrid clubs, Power Play System Q adrenaline

Power Play System Q Adrenaline Iron like Hybrid Clubs Standard black & white velvet grips. Perfect for golfers who are trying to bring consistency to their long game. We are confident that not only will you like these clubs, you will also recommend us to your golfing buddies. Better Equipment = Lower Scores   Features: Having trouble with your regular irons? Try the hot new Power Play System Q Adrenaline Hybrid Irons! Never hit a # 1 iron? Now you can – and with ease. Some hybrids are more wood like, some more iron like. These are more iron like. If you are good with irons but just struggle with the longer irons, then you will like these hybrid irons. If you prefer to have your complete set in the same type of clubs, now you can. You need help with midrange or shorter irons? Now you can. The score line pattern and grooves are like an iron and the head is not too big. These second generation hybrids have improved weight distribution and a slightly larger size at address. The uni-rail sole is designed to efficiently get through any lie. The hosel position ensures the Adrenaline hybrids are easy to align, easy to hit, accurate and forgiving. The ultra-low center of gravity gives you better ball trajectory. The Adrenaline hybrid is available in size 1 to 9, PW and SW. Buy one or more or a complete set. Comes fitted with the Apollo Acculite 95 Superlite steel shaft. This [Read More …]