Aug 142011
Wood Like Hybrid Golf Clubs with wide sole

You obviously enjoy the great game of golf. Don’t You? Yet it can be very frustrating at times – especially with those long irons. You hit a decent tee shot but then comes the dreaded second shot. Sometimes the contact is not good, or you hit it on the toe or heel. Instead of going straight, the ball turns around to chase you. Instead of flying high and landing softly on the green, it tries to roll its way to the green – Oh! there is water in between. It’s always one thing or the other. That is exactly where these wood like hybrid golf clubs come to the rescue. If you and I had all day to practice like the pros, we could hit with any club any shot all the time. But we have a job to do and kids to attend to and all the other things that a regular guy has to do. We don’t have that kind of time. We want a club that will work with our imperfections and even if we mis-hit, which is often, it will at least get the ball going in the general direction with a reasonable trajectory. Some of these wood like hybrid clubs with wide sole come with the new Acculite steel shafts. Conventional steel shafts are 120 to 130 grams. These light weight steel shafts are 90 to 95 grams. The lighter weight helps generate faster swing speeds and that translates to greater distance. The lower center [Read More …]