True Ace Red Storm graphite shaft specifically designed for hybrid clubs…

True Ace Red Storm Hybrid Shaft

Designed for Hybrid clubs

hybrid shafts, graphite shaft designed for hybrids

A mid priced quality graphite shaft


  • Specifically designed for the increasingly popular hybrid clubs.
  • Features a tip stable, low torque design and a higher launch angle.
  • Ideal for those who prefer graphite in their hybrid irons / woods without busting the bank.

Improve your golf game!

Trimming Instructions:

Iron Tip Trim 123456789wedge
R Flex0.25.5.7511.251.51.7522
S Flex11.251.51.7522.252.52.7533



TypeBall FlightFlexTorqueButtTipWeightLength
WoodMid-HighR/S combo3.3.6000.33584 gms43″
IronMid-HighR/S combo2.8.6000.37085 gms43″

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