Aug 172011
The longest driver of them all

The Acer XF Leggera The longest driver of them all Material: Face: 6-4 Titanium Body: 100% Titanium Finish: White crown and Charcoal Metallic sides Manufacturers can’t just magically remove weight from a massive 460cc titanium driver without some consequences. It’s tricky business. Using very precise manufacturing technologies, weight was removed only from the crown area so as not to affect the strength of the overall clubhead. Available in lofts of 9.5º, 10.5º and 12º. If you don’t want to have the longer length, you can ask for length to be customized to 45″. If you don’t want to have the lighter clubhead, you can go with the standard Acer XF driver – that is also available in a draw version. Comes fitted with the high end Winn DSI AVS 17 soft comfortable grip with all weather playability. We hesitate in having a driver longer than 45″ as that means a slightly heavier driver and also potential loss of control. 45″ works just fine and that’s the recommended length by most golf manufacturers. You can also go with a very lightweight shaft but if you use a regular clubhead, it feels unwieldy. When the Acer XF Leggera clubhead was introduced, it was intriguing. Most driver clubheads weigh 200 grams. The Leggera clubhead is 190 grams. That opens up a couple of options. You can have a lighter 45″ driver and that will give you greater clubhead speed but it will feel different – feel matters. Or you can add an inch [Read More …]