Apr 112012
The best hybrid golf clubs of the year

Dynacraft Avatar Evolution Hybrid Clubs Hybrid golf clubs – 3 to 9, PW, GW and SW Click for larger pictures The mid-irons progressively become narrower (as less game improvement is required) and bridge the gap between a conventional iron appearance. The scoring clubs starting with the #8 look traditional at address. The additional loft beautifully hides the hollow-body but still helps to increase the moment of inertia. The rounded toplines provide plenty of face area and raise the center of gravity enough to control the trajectory. The inclusion of three wedges provide for better course management by eliminating distance gaps. Standard black & white velvet grips. Perfect for golfers who are trying to bring consistency to their long game. For the weekend warriors who wants to improve their golf game these hybrid clubs integrate perfectly all the tools necessary to help them achieve that goal.   Every year, we do ‘Hybrid Golf Clubs Reviews‘ to make it easier for our customers to make an informed decision. We did the same this year also.   We tested the Avatar hybrid clubs the most, not because they were difficult to but because we couldn’t believe any club could help you hit so straight. It is very hard to hit a bad shot with these hybrids.   Testers used words like “incredible“, “this one is mine“, “I am keeping this one“, “ I found my hybrids” to describe the Avatar Evolution.   The most forgiving of all hybrids we tested. It has the [Read More …]

Aug 122011

We test golf clubs and then post the reviews on our website. Being an e-commerce company, our customers don’t get to physically hold and feel the clubs so we try to do a good job of explaining the clubs. Doing a comparative analysis also helps customers understand which club performs better under specific circumstances. It’s expensive, it’s time consuming and requires a lot of physical effort but it helps our customers make a more informed decision. We sell more hybrid clubs than anything else, so we test them first. This years review of hybrid clubs has now been posted on our website. You’ll find it helpful. What we were particularly interested in was the new Apollo Acculite 95 grams and 75 grams steel shafts. Generally steel shafts are 120 to 130 grams. The Acculites are considerably lighter. We thought there would be considerable loss of control due to the lighter shaft but we were proven wrong. Lighter shaft translates to lighter club translates to faster swing speeds and that translates to greater distance – all that without loss of control – what’s not to love! We test for different type of shots so what we rank # 1 may not necessarily be # 1 for you. Do spend some time understanding why we test the way we do and it will give you a better appreciation for our effort and a better understanding of the rankings. Here is the link: http://www.interloper.com/reviews/golf_hybrids.php Enjoy! The Test Team InterloperGolf.com

Aug 112011
Hybrid golf clubs with lightweight steel shaft

Acer XK Hybrid Clubs Finding it hard to hit your long irons? Your shots don't have the right trajectory or they don't go straight enough? The Acer XK hybrids incorporate a variable face thickness to reduce the perimeter area of the impact zone so the entire club face could be more active. This acts to increase the area of forgiveness over a larger portion of the face. Secondly, the crown was constructed with our exclusive VCT (variable crown technology) that measures as little as 0.5mm thick. All the unwanted weight normally reserved for the crown was repositioned deep within the head for added stability, feel and trajectory to hold greens better. Length and lofts were selected to be exact replacements for the same numbered long irons in terms of yardage. These hybrids will rescue your game. Standard black grips. Perfect for golfers who are trying to bring consistency to their long game. Better equipment = Lower scores Please Note: Comes fitted with the Apollo Acculite 95 Superlite steel shaft. This shaft delivers an astonishing blend of balance, control and feel. 25 to 30 grams lighter than standard steel shafts. The lighter weight helps you generate greater clubhead speed that translates to greater distance. See additional options below. Visit the Acer XK hybrid specific page for lofts, specs., and options.